About Us

NOS is a non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1992. We invite you to become involved!

Nebraska Oncology Society's mission is to facilitate and promote interaction among the oncology community to enhance patient care through oncology research, education, and health care legislation.

The Nebraska Oncology Society is organized for the purpose of:

  1. To enhance communication among clinical oncologists at the state, regional and national levels;
  2. To provide grassroots support for legislative initiatives that implement ASCO policy that will lead to improvements in cancer research and cancer care;
  3. To address more effectively practice, research, and other policy issues that may influence clinical research and the quality of care for people with cancer;
  4. To minimize fragmented efforts or inconsistent approaches on matters of common concern; and
  5. To create efficiency and conserve resources by eliminating duplicative or unnecessary efforts.

Please contact Sarah Dunbar at sarahd@nebmed.org for more information.

Nebraska Oncology Society
c/o Nebraska Medical Association
Sarah Dunbar
Executive Director
233 South 13th Street Suite 1200
Lincoln, NE 68508
sarahd@nebmed.org (email)
402-474-4472 (phone)
402-474-2198 (fax)

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